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  • Do you offer Cake Tasting?
    Yes. We offer cake consultations for Weddings and Custom Cakes. They are by appointment only! You can choose up to (3) cake flavors and (2) choices of fillings. Feel free to bring photos, colors or any specific ideas with you to the consultation, to help us design your custom cake. The cost is $25 up to 1 hour anything after 25.00 an hour. ????? MAXIMUM of 3 people are allowed to attend the tasting. Consultations have a maximum time slot of 1 hour. Cancellations must be given within 24 hour of appointment. UNFORTUNATELY THERE CAN BE NO REFUNDS.
  • What are some of your cake flavors?
    Butter Vanilla, Wedding White, Butter, Sunny Lemon, Choc, Strawberry, Red Velvet, Butter Almond, Pink Lemonade, German Choc. Marble, Lime, Orange Sherbet, Butter Pecan, Yellow, Italian Crème, Carrot, Peanut Butter, Champagne, Hennessey, Rum, SOC
  • What kind of  cakes do you do?
    We are always doing from fun and fashionable cakes to traditional. We make stacked cakes ( one on top of each other) We make tipsy cakes ( cakes are crocked) We make tiered cakes ( elevated in pillars) We make regular round, square, sheet cakes with drawn designs on them. We make 2D ( 2dimensional cakes) shape of the design laying down We make 3D ( 3dimensional cakes) sculpted into the actual shape of the design. We make Novelty Adult cakes. ( must be 18 or older to order)
  • What are the  approximate party cake sizes?
    Sizes Servings 1/4sheet 30-40 1/2sheet 40-60 Full sheet 100-135 8 inRound 10-12 10 inRound 22-24
  • We do different size cakes, these are just examples for you to go by Special Occasion Cakes"
    ½ sheet cakes $75.00 and up Full sheet cakes $125.00 and up 3-D Cakes priced by design Whymsical Cakes | 8in $65 and up, 10in $85 and up Tiered cakes $120 and up (whymsical or regular) Wedding and Grooms Cakes Bridal Cakes are priced by design and start at $3.25 per Serving Grooms Cakes start at $2.50 per serving Fondant Iced Cakes are priced by design and start at $4.25 Per Serving Delivery and Set up of Custom Cakes $50 and up Special Occasion Cakes Desserts Dinner Cake 8in- $25 Dinner Cake 10in- $45 Cupcakes $2.25 and up
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  • How much are your cakes?
    There is no" set" price list as all cakes are priced on a per cake basis. All cake prices are derived from a variety of factors, complexity of design and labor required. Labor is the biggest factor so, for example a 3D car cake for 15 people is not likely to be significally less expensive than say, one for 30 people as the same amount of labor is required. Additionally, I also will need a minimum amount of cake to work with to achieve the design, i.e. "No, I cannot make a 3D cakefor 5 people, etc..." I am more than happy to work with you to come up with design options to fit within your budget whenever possible.
  • How do I order a cake?
    Orders should be placed at least one week in advance and preferably two to three weeks in advance to make working out the details easier. Ordering is easy! Just call or stop by our cake shop with the following information: Date and Time of your event Number of guest, a description of what type of cake you would like. If you need some inspiration please visit our gallery pages. Anything you can possibly think of, we can make into a cake. We also do Novelty Adult cakes. From Naughty to Erotic !( Must be 18 or older to order)
  • What is you  payment policy?
    A 50% nonrefundable deposit is required to reserve your date; the remainder is due upon pick up. For all cakes if you are having the cake delivered the balance payment needs to be made prior to the delivery date. For Weddings the remaining balance is due 21 days prior to wedding date. Payments can be made by Cash, Visa, Master Card , Discover or American Express
  • Is there a  charge for Delivery?
    There may be a charge for Delivery depending on location. This is one of the details to be discussed at the time of order. Delivery Set up on Custom Cakes $50 and up on Special Occasion Cakes
  • What is your  cancellation policy?
    No Refunds
  • How soon  before my event should I place my order?
    Booking as far in advance as possible will reserve your date and guarantee space in our schedule. However, last minute orders can be accommodated, schedule permitting. Call us and we'll let you know right away if we can fit you in.
  • Do  you rent  equipment such as cake stands, plates, etc.?"
    Yes, we do if available. Please request at time of ordering if possible.
  • Can you make nut free, lactose free, gluten free, sugar free or egg free cakes?"
    No, at this time we do not do any lactose, nut, or egg free cakes. We can not guarantee nut free. We can make gluten free and sugar free.
  • Can you  replicate a cake design from a magazine?
    Yes, we can. At least come close. I prefer to use the magazine photos as a starting point, and come up with a design for you.
  • Do you ship  your cakes?
  • What is fondue?
    Fondue is a Swiss dish heated in a pot and shared during a meal. It can be chocolate or cheese, and would make a terrible frosting for a cake, not that we've tried.
  • What is fondant?
    Today, fondant is a sugar-based frosting that can be rolled or poured on top of a cake or petit fours. There are hundreds of different types of fondant out there. We use a particular type that tastes like the middle of an Oreo, er... a certain type of black and white sandwich cookie. If you keep it in the refrigerator, it stays soft and gooey like it's supposed to be. If it sits out for a few days, the water evaporates out of it, and it gets hard. We love the stuff because you can make it into most any color. You can airbrush it. You can form it into any shape you want, kind of like Play-Doh. Very cool stuff.
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